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Published: 12:48, 29 April 2023

Former Qatari prime minister`s son bids for Manchester United

Friday (April 28) was the deadline for final bids to take full ownership of Manchester United. Banker Sheikh Jassim bin Hamad Al Thani, son of the former Prime Minister of Qatar, and British billionaire Jim Ratcliffe made bids in the third round. But in this case, although Ratcliffe's proposed price is not known, discussions are going on with Sheikh Jasim's proposal. Because in the third round, he bid a little higher than 5 billion pounds (which is 66,608 crores 45 lakhs 92 thousand taka in Bangladeshi currency).

This information was confirmed by the news agency AFP. They are citing sources as saying that Sheikh Jassim wants to get 100% ownership of Manchester United and has promised to change the infrastructure of the club in addition to pouring money into the transfer market. In addition to fixing the practice center, there are plans to renovate Old Trafford or build a new stadium in Sheikh Jasim's bid. Besides, Sheikh Jasim also promised to pay off the debt of 620 million dollars of United.

For the third time, the deadline for the bidding was extended to yesterday. Both are competing in that race. Sheikh Jassim bin Hamad Al Thani and fellow United fan Jim Ratcliffe have submitted the final bid to buy the Old Trafford club.

However, the Glazer family had previously offered more than the asking price for the son of Qatar's former prime minister. The sale of United by the Glazer family would break the record for the highest cost of selling a club in sport, Reuters reported, citing sources. In this, the Glazer family can reject Sheikh Jassim or Ratcliffe's offer. Because both interested parties are worth less than Glazer's.

Ratcliffe, a chemical businessman, has been a United fan since childhood. Couldn't even try to buy Chelsea last year. Later, Chelsea was bought by UK businessman Todd Bowley for 425 billion pounds. This is the record for the highest cost to sell a club in the sport.

According to AFP, like Sheikh Jassim, Ratcliffe does not want 100% ownership of United. Ratcliffe has bid for just over 50% ownership, so he can play a role in controlling the club.

According to Ratcliffe's offer, Manchester United's executive co-chairman Joel and Avram Glazer will retain a 20 percent stake in the club. Many fans do not want to see United under the ownership of the Glazer family, the billionaires of the United States.

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