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Moaz Bin Saiful

Published: 20:04, 25 October 2023
Update: 20:25, 25 October 2023

Why Israel and Palestine are Fighting?

Israel Palestine conflict

Israel Palestine conflict

Why Israel and Palestine are fighting is a complex issue which causesextreme crisis situation for Israelis and Palestinians.Children, the elderly, and civil citizens are mainly the victims of that conflict, they are facing unspeakable brutality every day. Since the beginning of the clash, millions of people have died over the cause. 

Here is everything about why Israel and Palestine conflict, how it started, why there are no solutions, and the current situation in Palestine and Israel. 

What's happening in Israel and Palestine right now 

Since the last year 2022, Hamas has been quite silent against the Israeli government. They were just fighting against the Israeli propaganda in Gaza. 

Suddenly on October 7, 2023, Hamas surprisingly became offensive and launched at least 5,000 rockets to attack Israel. That incident killed nearly thousands of Israelis and the question raises again why Israel and Palestine are fighting again.

The world left shocked seeing Hamas's unexpected action. In response to that attack, the Israeli government answered them very strictly. Since October 8, the Israeli military has dropped thousands of tons of bombs over Gaza. 

Israel destroyed over 15 hospitals in Gaza and demolished schools, colleges, buildings, offices, ambulances, roadsides. Israeli attack took the lives of more than 5,000 people. They surrounded Gaza from all sides and stopped water, food, fuel, and medicine supplies in Gaza. 

Why Israel and Palestine are Fighting?

Israel all along wanted to form a completely Jew-controlled state. By evicting Palestine Muslims from the Gaza Strip, Israel will occupy almost the whole Palestine land. Palestine government Fatah rules the West Bank and East Jerusalem. However, the Fatah authority is in power with the support of Israel and the US, and basically, they are under the control of Israel. 

Israel's military says they will increase the attack on Gaza both on land and at the seaside. The Military asked Gaza civilians to move to the south side. However, over 20 lakh Palestinians can't stay in the South, everyone knows it is completely impossible. 

So, what will happen to the people of Gaza and other Palestine? It is assumed that Palestinians of Gaza will be forced to move to Egypt and live as refugees. The west side Palestinians will have to accept the same refugee life fate in Jordan or Lebanon. Already people are gathering at the Egypt border. 

Why Israel and Palestine are fighting and Why did Hamas Attack? 

In recent times many Arab and Islamist countries have started to normalize their relationships with Israel. On the other human rights protection bodies are always biased towards Western countries. 

In that situation, it seemed like no one cared about the interests and rights of Palestinians. Meanwhile, the Gaza was surrounded by Israel. No one can enter or go outside of Gaza without the permission of Israel. Israel stopped food, water, and fuel supplies in Gaza from time to time. 

More than 2 million people live in the Gaza Strip and 70 percent of them are below the poverty line and the unemployment rate is 65 percent. Hamas doesn't like the way people are normalizing relations with Israel. Hamas wants liberation and rights for their people. That's why they suddenly attacked to say Israel and Palestine's fight is not over, the people of Palestine are still under the oppression of Israel and they want freedom. It clears the reason why Israel and Palestine are fighting still. 

How world is seeing Israel vs Palestine war? 

The world-dominating country has recognized Hamas as a terrorist organization. While Hamas wants freedom for Palestine, he has no war friends. Only Iran is speaking strongly for the rights of Palestine and Hamas. 

Meanwhile, America and Europe sent guns to Israel to suppress Hamas's dominance. America feared that Iran would attack Israel through Jordan, so the US sent two military aircraft carriers to the Mediterranean Sea. 

How did the Israel and Palestine fighting start?

The history of Israel and Palestine's fight started back in the early 1900s. In the early 1900s, antisemiticbehavior was growing rapidly in Europe. Before the 1900s Jews didn't have any Jewish state, they lived isolated and scattered in different places. They felt the Jews wouldn't survive if they couldn't form a Jewish state. 

Austro-Hungarian Jewish journalist Theodor Herzl published a book named, "The Jews State" in 1986. Through his book, Herzl transformed Jewish desires into an international movement. Through this movement, the Jews earned their demand in 1917 from then-British foreign minister Arthur James Balfour to form a Jewish state in Palestine, which is known as the Belfour Declaration. 
After the end of the First World War Palestine went under the control of the British Empire. In 1948, with the help of the British, and the US Jews formed Israel state in Palestine. 

After that, Jews from all over the world started to come to Israel, and Palestinians were removed from their motherland. Why Israel and Palestine are fighting history started since then. They are fighting for their land, and both tribes believe the land is rightfully their.

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